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Launch characteristics

 Removes slack with constant speed and without jerking.

 Powerful acceleration independent of glider weight and water ballast (automatically controlled).

 Automatic rope speed and force control during launch.

 Many settable parameters (password protected) to adjust the launch profile and performance to operator preference.

 Information from the system is shown on an easy to read display.

 Available with single or two drums.

 Increased launch heights up to 30% compared to conventional winches with similar rope lengths.

 Maximum rope length 10.000 ft (3000 m) for a launch height of 5000 ft (1500 m). Under normal conditions.

 Constant and high quality launch performance by an electronic control system, less dependent on the winch driver skills.

 "Pilot in command": The electronics sense multiple parameters during the launch and continually optimizes acceleration, speed and force, providing the pilot full control over the airspeed of his glider.

 Weak links should not normally break except due to normal wear, even under turbulent conditions.

 Only proven, readily available industrial components are used for mechanics, hydraulics and electronics.

 Fairleads and drums are optimized to reduce wear of Spectra and Plasma ropes, which minimizes operational costs.

Launch characteristics
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