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With its modular setupn, the S-series can be build in many configurations with up to 6 drums modules. A drum module includes a drive shaft, drum, clutch, pay-out brake, rope guide, fairlead and guillotine. The drum modules are connected with flexible couplings to prevent misalignment loads. The drive module with the hydraulic motor is located at any point in the drive line.

In a trailer based setup the hydraulic power is generated by a power module containing the hydraulic pump, the engine and the cooling system. With a truck as platform, the pump can be mounted directly to the engine of the truck, not requiring a power module.

Modular design

The S-series glider winch is controlled by CALC, our computer launch control assist system. Developed in 2001 and with a track record of over 40.000 launches, CALC has evolved into a easy to operate system that provides safe and consistent glider launches.

We have upgraded the drums to hold 10.000 ft (3000 m) ropes for a launch height of 5000 ft (1500 m) under normal conditions.

Professional glider operations require maximum availability of their launch equipment. The Hydrowinch S-series is designed for minimum maintenance with a rigid construction that withstands any kind of abuse. Drum units can be taken aside to service or replace the rope while the winch is operational on the field.

The engine, hydraulics and electronics are standard industrial components that are proven in heavy industrial applications. Spare parts and service companies are globally available. CALC tracks the launch data and informs the operator when required service intervals are approached.
Operational availability
Safety and performance
Custom built

With so many options available, every S-series glider winch is unique. Please contact us for more information.