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With facilities in Colorado Springs USA and The Netherlands in Europe, Hydrowinch LLC produces glider winches for a wide international arena of glider enthusiasts. It is our goal to build and market the most cost effective, robust and safe glider winch in the industry to promote and grow the sport of soaring worldwide.

The Hydrowinch LLC team is formed by an international group of experts with a long experience in aviation and glider winch development, taking pride in providing our clients with the highest level of safety, performance and service.

Hydrowinch LLC brings a fresh and innovative approach to launching gliders, providing a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative for tow planes. We are focused on setting new standards in winch launch safety.

Our experienced technicians combine their creativity, modern 3D design and simulation techniques to develop innovative technical solutions to improve winch safety and performance.

Safety is not only in our products, we believe that clear procedures and good training is the key to safety. That is why our service includes training programs for maintenance, winch drivers, pilots and flight instructors.