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The pilot is able to control the airspeed himself. To reduce airspeed he or she gently pulls the stick, to increase airspeed the pilot gently eases forward on the stick. This is much better training for the student, rather than teaching them to pull to gain speed and push to lower speed as on other winches.

In contrast to traditional winches with torque converters, the glider can gain extra height in a thermal, maximizing launch efficiency. When the glider enters a thermal during the launch, the pilot reduces the increased airspeed by pulling the stick and gains extra height. CALC prevents a break of the weak link.

The average launch height is significantly higher compared to conventional winches with torque converters or automotive transmissions for equivalent rope lengths. This is realized by:

 Smooth but powerful acceleration independent of glider type and weight (jerk free)
 Intelligent rope force control through CALC provides optimum airspeed during all stages of the launch

CALC simplifies the operation of the winch and assists in controlling the ideal speed and force for greater safety and optimal launch height. The system is operated by an electronic throttle lever which gives the winch driver full control of the winch. CALC provides consistant safe launches, less dependent on the winch driver skills.
Computer Aided Launch Control (CALC)
Greater heights
Controlled launches

The characteristics and performance of the winch can be easily adjusted to the operator's preferences via menus on the PLC display. The menus for the control parameters (e.g. acceleration properties, 'remove slack' speed, etc) can be protected with a password to prevent unauthorized adjustments to CALC.

CALC constantly checks the status of the diesel engine and hydraulics. The status of the components is shown on the display to inform the winch driver. In the event of a technical failure, the electronic control system will prevent possible damage to the system.
Custum settings
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