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Electric power
High in the air, soaring the skies with only the earths natural energy powering your glider over long distances. What if a clean and silent energy source would get you up there? The future is coming, we are working on it.

Welcome future
We have taken on the challenge to design an electric winch system with a variety of power sources ranging from hybrid to fully electric.

It's our goal to develop a winch system that includes the performance and safety features of our proven hydraulic glider winches with a price tag competative to conventional winches.
Direct drive
In the early stages of development it became clear that the application of industrial and EV components would not meet our challenging performance and cost targets. That is why we decided to leave the paved roads behind and develop a drum with an integrated direct drive motor, eliminating many mechanical drive components, maximizing efficiency and reducing cost.

For more detailed information and prices please contact us by email.
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